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Canadian Society of Eye Health Practitioners
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your organization a Not-for-Profit?

Yes! Started in 2006, we are a not-for-profit dedicated to better vision care through the collaboration of all eye care professionals. Whether through fund raising, charity, free education or financial support for students, it is our goal to see patients and practitioners alike reach new heights.

What is the difference between memberships?

Our basic membership is completely free and open to any eye care professionals in Canada (and related fields) with perks such as discounted personal insurance. Our premium membership is a paid membership that help support our community initiatives and provides a number of additional member benefits. See our membership section for more information.

How can I get involved?

There are so many ways to help. If you care an eye care professional in Canada, you can show your support by joining free as a basic member. If you upgrade your membership, part of your membership fees go to support our community initiatives. Follow us on social media to enjoy videos, information and to learn about charity and fundraiser events. If you are qualified professional that would like to share their knowledge, please email us at with details about yourself and what you'd like to contribute.

How do you support the eye care industry?

We have multifaceted approach to supporting the industry. Our public education provides free access to information for parents, teachers and the general public on eye health and care. We increase exellence in eye care professionals by fostering collobaboration between the Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Opticians and Eye Care Support Staff. We support students in eye care by providing free access to accredited education and providing financial support to those at risk. Over the years we have worked with numerous organizations to raise funds for eye care charities, fighting blindess and support research. For more information, see Our Journey.

What is the purpose of all these videos?

With the help of our sister organization, the Academy of Ophthalmic Education, we are able to invite world renowned speakers in eye care to share their knowledge on various topics like concussion, learning difficulties, myopia, glaucoma, surgery and much more. Whether you are a concerned parent, a dedicated teacher or eye care professional, there is something for you!

How are you related to the Academy of Ophthalmic Education?

AOE is our 'sister company' as we like to call them ( Both corporations were created by Mr. Y. Ali Khan, CEO to serve different but complimentary purposes. AOE was created in 1994 to provide high-calibre education to eye care professionals and CSehp was created in 2006 as a not-for-profit to improve patient vision care by fostering collaboration among professionals and developing a community of 'giving back'.