CSEHP is proud to share that we completed our firstparent/teacher information session in February of 2022. We want to especiallythank Dr. Patrick Quaid for volunteering his time and knowledge to help educateparents and teachers of Unionville Montessori School on the topics ofconcussion and learning as they relate to vision.

Projects such as this are part of CSEHP’s greater mission to raise awareness ofthe importance and impact proper vision care.

Unionville Montessori School provided this feedback on the sessions:

Thank you for hosting the webinar on concussions and impact to eyehealth.  We found the presentation to bevery informative and delivered in a format that was easy to understand.  It was well received by our parent communityand provided enough knowledge for us to leverage in future.

We thank Dr. Quaid and your team for organizing the eventand look forward to future collaborations.

If you are interested in professional development at your school or entireschool board, please contact us.