We are pleased to share this message from the recepient of the 2021 Y. Ali Khan Education Award at Seneca College in Opticianry:

Dear Donor,

My name is Rae Ansay and I am honored to be one of this year’s recipient’s of the Y. Ali Khan Education Award. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the generosity in funding the Y. Ali Khan Education Award. Thanks to your donation, I am able to continue my education at Seneca College.

I am currently in the last year of my opticianry program. My dedication and passion has allowed me to achieve a 3.9 GPA. I plan to pursue a career as a registered optician in order to contribute to the optical field industry.

My education pursuits would not have been possible without your generosity to the Y. Ali Khan Education Award. Thank you for enabling me to reach my fullest personal and professional potential.


Rae Ansay

We would like to congratulate Rae on her award and wish her all the best in her journey as an Optician!